Not many of you may be familiar with Tor but it’s a special program that makes sure communications made over the Internet are safe and secure sent through and from different locations and systems whether Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows. Developers have finally managed to make things more secure and have added Tor support for Android by creating a Tor onion address. Because of the said developments, connecting to Facebook is easier and more secure now.

When it comes to Android devices, there’s no enough support until the company felt the need to improve on reliability and efficiency. Not that the team isn’t capable of making such updates but some genius intern started a project to provide additional platform support. The result now is experimental support for using Facebook over Tor when you use the Orbot proxy app on your Android phone.

The release isn’t stable yet so expect to encounter several errors and bugs. Hopefully, people will send their comments and feedback so the dev team can work on them as soon as possible.

Download Orbot: Proxy with Tor from the Google Play Store or check out the Orbot F-Droid repository. You need to install Orbot first then enable feature on the App Settings section on Facebook.

SOURCE: Facebook