China-based gadget manufacturer OPPO has taken its time in releasing a Lollipop-based version of ColorOS (their take on the Android OS). But the updates are slowly filtering out, although they usually are in beta versions. Today, a new update for the Lollipop-flavored ColorOS 2.1 is being made available for users of the OPPO Find 7 and Find 7a.

First up, some new features. ColorOS 2.1 brings a unified storage scheme – one that will give you just one partition to work with and combines your microSD expansion storage capacity with the internal storage capacity. There are a few steps that a user will need to do to achieve this, so make sure you visit the source link below for the instructions. OPPO is also rolling out a “long screenshot” feature that can accommodate pictures of multiple screens. For more on these new features, check out the video below.

The new build also helps fix some known bugs with the initial release of ColorOS 2.1. It looks like OPPO software engineers took time to listen to the feedback (it wouldn’t make sense if they didn’t, but still, props for that) because it seems they fixed most – if not all – of the major complaints from the earlier build. These include issues with the weather widget, the misbehaving “block contact” button, message items that don’t show the contact names, and other such issues. The more complete list at the source link.


To install this new update, OPPO recommends the fastest way to do it is through OTA, or doing a manual System Update. OPPO reckons that the OTA should be available for download today, Monday. For the manual update, you can download the files needed at the source link below and follow the instructions posted. Make sure you have a good back up of your data when you go through these kinds of updates. Enjoy!