For the record, bezels are not such bad things, you know. They facilitate ergonomics of a device, making sure there are no “ghost touches” on your touchscreen display. Also, they act as support for your display, so that there is some material that protects the screen if you happen to drop your phone (which you will). That said, the larger the bezel, the uglier your device seems to become – that is why there is this seeming obsession with slimmer bezels. But OPPO seems to be of the opinion that it can do away with the bezel entirely.


The China-based manufacturer is reportedly making a device that amazingly does not show any bezel on the sides of the screen, as seen in these leaked images we’re showing you. To be fair, we need to mention that there can’t be “zero” bezel (at least, not yet anyways) – there’s some light refraction wizardry that’s going on here, as shown in the tech schematic above. The shaded region marked “22” is the real bezel, but the screen image is refracted so that it covers the whole screen area seemingly from edge to edge.


These images seem to feature a metallic frame around the phone, and a slim form factor. With OPPO yet to launch a successor to the flagship OPPO Find 7 phone, we could be looking at the direct successor of that device, and what a looker it could be.


Japanese manufacturer Sharp did something like this with the Aquos Crystal maybe a year ago, using the same refraction technique. We’re wondering how OPPO could actually seek to patent such a technology if it has been used before – unless Sharp was using it at OPPO’s behest (highly unlikely). Of course, we could be looking at very high quality fakes (always a possibility), so we need to watch this space if something comes out from OPPO to confirm these.