OPPO Reno Teardown

The OPPO Reno is making waves in the mobile market. It may not be big in the US right now but the OPPO sub-brand is becoming more popular in the mid-range category for its almost premium specs and unique design. Well, a pop-up selfie camera isn’t exactly new but we like the gumstick design of this one. Others describe it as a shark fin-style selfie cam. We know it’s more than just a novelty phone. It offers impressive sound with the Nokia OZO audio technology and 10x zoom lens in action.

JerryRigEverything recently tested the phone. The Durability Test revealed the phone could be flexed from the front and back but with no permanent damage. The screen scratched at level 6 while it lasted 30 seconds under the flame before a residue appeared.

The OPPO Reno phone doesn’t have a water-resistant training that is why it is easy to open with some heat along the sides of the back panel. Be careful when you try to lift the glass sheet. A suction cup may be enough but slicing through the strip of adhesive may be helpful.

Watch the complete teardown below:

The back panel is held on to the body with no ribbons or cables, just glue. We can see the ceramic O-Dot that prevents the camera lens from rubbing. About eleven (11) Phillips head screws are holding down the top portion of the phone to the body. Remove them all so you see the battery flap. The battery snaps out like a lego which makes it easy to replace.

There are gold ribbon extensions that can be removed from the motherboard. We see the under-screen fingerprint reader, charging port ribbon, and USB-C port. A red rubber ring is present not for water-resistance but for a cushion for the regular plugging/unplugging of the charging cable. This is the lower-end OPPO Reno variant so there is still a headphone jack.