The OPPO N1, much famed for its CyanogenMod ties, will soon have a follow-up. While many aspects about this so-called OPPO N3 remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear based on these leaked press materials: it will have a rotating camera that is even stranger than its predecessor.

The rotating camera on the OPPO N1 is both economic and somewhat inspired. After all, why waste resources on two uneven cameras when you can have one that functions as both? Granted, you won’t be able to implement fancy features such as taking a photo from both cameras at the same time, embedding the smaller “selfie” image inside the bigger one, like one of Sony’s newest camera apps, but that use case might not be too common to warrant it in this case.

The fact that the OPPO N3 would also have a rotating camera isn’t actually the most interesting aspect of the smartphone. What is even more peculiar is the form of the device itself. The photo seems to suggest that the N3 will be considerably thinner than the N1 before it. But in order to still accommodate a high sensor camera, OPPO had to put a thicker cyliner on top. The best way to describe the overall design is that it looks like half of a flip phone.


Not much else is known abut the OPPO N3 aside from this external appearance. Questions like whether it will be as gigantic as the OPPO N1 was or whether it will still offer some easy way to get CyanogenMod installed on it remain unanswered. We might not have to wait that long for the answers, though, as OPPO teased a press event in October to reveal its “One More Step” forward.