As we had been expecting, OPPO has shared another teaser video for the N1 smartphone. This latest teaser mirrors what we have been seeing with the earlier videos. Basically, that is to say the video is short and offers little in terms of solid details. Then again, it does appear as if OPPO has shown the overall shape of the handset.

The image sitting above is showing what could be the exterior lines of the handset. Otherwise, this video (which has arrived as trailer #4) has also offered a brief look a the manufacturing process. And this time around they provided an ever-so-brief look at the internals of the handset.

As we mentioned yesterday with video number three, it appears as if OPPO has once again recent the countdown timer. They haven’t said how many episodes will be included in this series of teasers, but it is looking like the next video will be arriving in 3 days. Aside from the teasing, OPPO has previously said they will be announcing the N1 on September 23.

In addition to the confirmation of the announcement date, OPPO has also confirmed a few details of the handset. Much of the rumors have focused on the camera, but we have yet to see much in the way of confirmation coming from OPPO on that subject. What they have said in regards to the camera was that it will be “amazing.”

OPPO has confirmed the size of the display at 5.9-inches. And taking that a step further, rumors are suggesting that it will be a 1080p display. Lastly, OPPO has also briefly mentioned the rear touch panel and talked about how the handset will be arriving with a “brand new user experience.”