The Oppo N1 is a head turner, and a recent rumor puts it as having company soon. The device, with it’s swivel camera up top and CyanogenMod flavor, certainly breaks the mold. The 6-inch screen also stands out, making it one of the larger smartphones we’ve laid eyes on. If news about a smaller offering is true, those who like the device — but not the size — will want to read on.

There is now going to be an Oppo N1 mini, according to a GSM Arena tipster. The “mini” device will be a 5-inch version of the original, though not much is known beyond that. We don’t have information on resolution, pricing, or other specs.

We are hearing the device will run a new octa-core processor, though. The original N1 has a Snapdragon 600, which wasn’t even top-end when ti was released. Still a great processor, Oppo is nonetheless looking to build up the processor inside while shrinking the N1 on the outside.

We don’t know who will provide the octa-core power, but it almost ahs to be MediaTek — if the rumor is true. Samsung isn’t interested in rushing their octa-core processor to market, and Qualcomm is still fiddling with theirs as well. MediaTek is the only chipset manufacturer to actually have an octa-core processor right now, and the pending launch of the N1 mini suggests it will be them.

Said to launch in May/June, and officially announced soon, we’ll look forward to hearing all about it from Oppo themselves. Further adding fuel to the fire is that the N1 will be sold in both LTE and non-LTE versions. What we don’t know is if CyanogenMod is still involved, but we can’t see why they wouldn’t be.