As we had been expecting, the OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition smartphone has arrived. The handset is available from the OPPO Style store and is selling for $599. This one has 16GB of internal storage space, ships with a few CyanogenMod perks and of course, maintains the unique features found on the regular model OPPO N1.

The CM perks include the special outer packaging as well as a cover and sticker pack. This can all be seen in the image sitting above. And otherwise, the CM Edition OPPO N1 also ships with the original N1 cover and the O-Click — which is one of the unique features found with the regular model N1. The O-Click is a small remote that will do a variety of things included acting as a remote camera shutter and device alarm should the two become separated.

Some of the other highlights here include the O-Touch Panel on the back. This is a 12cm touch panel that allows the user to scroll, tap and even snap images. The remaining highlight is the rotating camera. The camera is 13 megapixel, rotates 206 degrees, has a dual-mode LED and f/2.0 aperture with 1/3.06 imaging module. Other features include the 5.9-inch 1080p display, quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM.

The handset is running CM 10.2, which is based on Android 4.2. Along with news of the handset release, the folks at CyanogenMod have also released the source code. According to details shared on the CM blog, they have released the factory images for those who need to restore to the original state, but have also released source code for CM11.

While that last bit is aimed at the more advanced users and developers, it does give everyone else some hope in seeing something based on Android 4.4 sooner rather than later. It will likely take some time, but a fully working CM11 based ROM for the OPPO N1 shouldn’t be all that far behind.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod Blog