We’ve seen a number of leaks in recent times about Chinese manufacturer Oppo‘s upcoming cameraphone, the Oppo N1. The handset was teased in an image earlier this month, confirming what leaks had suggested was in the works. Now the company has given rough launch schedules over on Google+.

On a Google+ posting about its R819 handset, Oppo was asked in a comment when the N1 and Find 7 smartphones would be released. Rather than post some vague cheeky statement, a representative (or, at least, someone using the official account) said that the N1 is “coming this year,” while the F7 “is coming late next year.”

While still not any sort of hard date, it does it give us a rough target for when to expect each handset, and it does lend a bit of credence to a rumor we saw on August 19. Reportedly, Oppo will be introducing the N1 some time this month, and assuming it does, perhaps we’ll also hear more details on the Find 7.

According to the rumormill, the Oppo N1 will feature a 5-inch or larger 1080p HD display, as well as a 12-megapixel camera on the back with an Xenon flash. The camera is said to use Oppo’s Owl technology for enabling better image capture in low-light settings, something cameraphones have never been particularly keen in. Based on other leaks, it is possible the camera could be 16-megapixels instead.

SOURCE: Android Police