Details are still scarce regarding OPPO‘s rumored new line of devices and already a pair of images have appeared that gives fuel to the rumors. Although the images are just renderings, they could provide some insight as to the direction that OPPO might be taking its next camera-centric device.

Rumors started flying in July that OPPO is preparing a line up of new camera-centric smart devices. The so-called N-lens series is set to rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Camera, an Android digital camera, or the Galaxy S4 Zoom, an Android smartphone with a very high-resolution camera. While OPPO has generally confirmed the N-series direction, it has kept silent regarding the first device in that line.

Two renderings that have recently leaked could provide some clue about that device. The images, which only show the back of the device, reveal a black matte metal finish. The camera lens seems to be surrounded by a brushed metal rectangle which has an extrusion extending to the side of the device. The OPPO logo can be found on the back plate, as well as the text “12.0 mega pixel” beside the camera lens.


We really can’t be sure yet about the accuracy of the renderings and they still leave our questions still unanswered. It is particularly strange that the device would have a 12 megapixel camera only if it’s out to compete with the Galaxy Camera and Galaxy S4 Zoom, both of which have at least a 16 megapixel camera. There is also no mention or indication of Android which the OPPO N-lens series is most likely to use.



  1. I just don’t get it, why you only interested in MEGAPIXELS??? rather than the sensor size? Look at the lens, it’s really interesting because with lens that big, probably has sensor that quite big! Big sensor = much nicer images!


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