Oppo 5x Zoom

There’s no new phone from OPPO yet but the Chinese company has proudly announced a new camera technology that we will likely see in future phones. It’s a new camera module that is said to hide telephoto lens inside the chassis of a phone. We knew about this one even before the MWC 2017 opened in Barcelona over the weekend.

The camera tech is a 5x Dual Camera Zoom system that takes advantage of a periscope-style setup. Now we can say that dual camera systems are slowly becoming a standard now in smartphones. We have a feeling the new camera technology will stoon be a standard as more similar camera modules are developed.

The idea of this Oppo camera zoom setup is to divert light through a prism and then into a telephoto lens that is placed inside the smartphone. It should be set 90-degrees to the rear-facing wide-angle lens for it to work properly.

There are about 50 individual parts stacked together but only total a 5.7mm height. The result is mainly “lossless 5x zoom”. What this optical stabilization system does is to adjust the angle of the prism mechanism with precision. Oppo really is no stranger to making new camera technology and modules. In fact the name is familiar to camera phone enthusiasts that previously introduced a 206-degree rotating camera for the Oppo N1. The first 16MP front-facing camera is also found in the Oppo F1 Plus.