The last Project Spectrum news we heard was in May when the OPPO R7s received Android M Project Spectrum Beta. That was quickly after we learned that OPPO would be spreading out the program to more devices. Next to get its own version are two OPPO phones: the F1 and the R7 Plus. These two are just some of the latest products from the Chinese OEM. This means the two will have the updated ColorOS platform.

Some of the ColorOS features are now supported on the F1 and the R7 Plus including the screen-off gestures, ColorOS camera, ColorOS photos, and OTA package support. More wallpapers have been added as well so you can preset them on your phone.

When it comes to screen-off gestures, you can just simply draw a circle to launch the camera app, double tap the screen to wake up or turn off the display. You can also customize a gesture to open any application you want. Note that this feature is off by default so enable it first in the Settings> Accessibility> Screen-off gestures.

With Project Spectrum and ColorOS, several camera modes and plugins are now supported including Panorama, Beautify, HDR, Filter, GIF, Expert Mode, and Double Exposure. The Camera app and Photos app now work seamlessly together for all your mobile imaging needs.

The OTA package support means future Project Spectrum versions will soon be available and ready for download together with the full wipe package.

Both the OPPO F1 and R7 Plus will receive all the features mentioned but the R7 Plus will also get VOOC Flash Charge technology and fingerprint sensor support–finally.

Download the Project Spectrum package for the F1 and R7 Plus. Backup data first to be sure as this will totally wipe user data. And oh, do this AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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