It’s only been more than a couple of months since the Opera Max app was last updated so users can save data on music streaming. That’s possible because Netflix and YouTube videos can be compressed by the app and it’s got WiFi data savings feature. The app is also pretty useful as it lets carriers to offer limited free app access.

We know Opera Max has many users because it expanded to 21 more countries in Asia last year. This time, Opera devs rolled out another update that will ensure safety and security while connected to any public WiFi. What the app will do is utilize the latest Opera Turbo technology and automatically switch VPN connections to SPDY with SSL tunnel. Opera says instead of HTTP 1.1, the new one is more secure and more advanced.

Remember that not all public WiFi networks are safe. Any hacker can get into the same network and try to steal your data and information. With Opera Max, the data connection between your device and the data-saving servers of Opera Max is always safe because of the SSL encryption.

The use of SPDY will also result to other apps loading faster by about 23%. Mobile data connections are not just saved but also accelerated. Since Google added SPDY in some apps, expect loading time to speed up and browsing generally improved.

It may be long before all apps can load faster this way but at least we know it’s possible. The Opera Max app specifically upgraded how Max VPN connects to the Max cloud so it can use SPDY. And because apps are faster, it also means images and videos will load faster. Apps like Instagram, Flipboard, or YouTube are all image-rich but Opera Max can reduce data usage.

There really is no need to worry about your information being stolen because you’re going to connect to a public WiIFi. Opera Max will not only help you save data. It will also secure your device, away from the evil hackers. You can also choose to block data-hogging apps and check how much mobile data you have saved already with the data management function.

Download Opera Max – Data Savings from the Google Play Store