Opera Max is one useful service that lets mobile users extend data plan. Saving data is now possible, thanks to the WiFi data savings feature, and the ability to compress Netflix and YouTube videos. Such features provide every user total control of his data consumption since more people are now relying on media streaming. Faster Internet and wider coverage make streaming possible and more reliable than ever.

If in the early days of digital age, purchasing copies of a music album or movie is the norm, streaming media files are becoming more popular these days. There are dozens to hundreds of streaming apps available and most of them consume much of your mobile data. There’s no problem when connected to a local WiFi network but it’s different when you’re connected to 3G or 4G/LTE. The usual problem encountered by most mobile users is that they incur unexpected charges on their monthly bill. There’s one solution you can try though: Opera Max.

Opera Max app lets you save data by to 50% simply by compressing data. Your photos, videos, and files are compressed to smaller files. Quality may be lost a bit but Opera Max promised that it’s not as noticeable especially since you are accessing files on a mobile device with a small screen. What Opera Max does  is to block any apps that are running in the background. You see, some apps may run without your knowledge but with this app, they can be closed automatically to save you not just data but also battery.

Opera Max Data Saving on Music Streaming

Opera Max is a convenient WiFi and data manager as you can control and monitor usage. Feel free to enjoy the likes of Slacker Radio, Saavn, Pandora, or YouTube Music anytime you want–streaming your favorite music without having to worry about your bill. You are also free to watch as much videos on Netflix or YouTube.

Download Opera Max – Data Savings from the Google Play Store

VIA: SlashGear


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