Opera Web 3-ready browser Android

More blockchain phones and crypto wallets are expected to be introduced in the coming months. We’re assuming related apps and services will also be revealed like this new version of Opera browser that comes with a built-in crypto wallet. The browser is blockchain-ready so you know it is secure. Your cryptocurrencies are safe even if you’re only using a web browser for online transactions. The new update delivers Web 3 support plus integration of a crypto-wallet so your Internet browsing is taken to the next level.

Even if you don’t have a blockchain phone, the blockchain-ready browser will be enough. We noted how this Opera crypto wallet would be part of the blockchain fever.

Web 3 support is crucial because it is the future of web design and interaction. Opera’s way is easier to understand and simple.

As for cryptocurrencies, they’re not widely used yet because of fear of security threats. The transition to cryptocurrencies is on the horizon although we’re not sure how open the whole mobile community is right now.

Web 3 allows blockchains and cryptocurrencies to work in the web, becoming a tool in accessing information, managing the online identity of users, and making transactions online.

We’re hoping more people will embrace the idea and more companies will start adopting such technologies. The system is not that complicated. These crypto companies just need to translate the terms and make things easier to understand.

The Opera for Android has been updated to also support Ethereum. It’s now Web 3 ready and is also ready for Dapps (Ethereum-based decentralized apps).

Download Opera Browser from the Google Play Store



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