There are millions of apps available on the Google Play Store. We have so many choices. We’ll never run out of apps to try and games to play but truth is, some of the best ones are costly. There are apps that can go as much as $200. While we can’t imagine anyone would spend that much on a premium up, there are times when developers become generous and start offering their applications and games for free.

Just the other day, Square Enix offered the FF II game free for a limited time via the Final Fantasy Portal app. It’s not free but the highly anticipated Final Fantasy IX is now out with a discounted price of $19.99 until February 21. You can even win free a premium Android app each day with the Promo Codes app. These are just some of the most recent great deals we know but Opera wants to have a place in your geeky and thrifty hearts by introducing the Opera Apps Club.

Opera Apps Club is a new subscription service that lets Android users get more value for their money. It’s a sort of an unlimited or “all you can eat” service that allows you to download any premium Android apps and games. The apps you download will then be charged through the mobile operators.

Opera Apps Club

The idea is that through the Opera Apps Club, any mobile user around the world can get a premium app even if it’s not locally available in his country. App developers can also benefit from this because more people can be reached and have the opportunity to buy their apps.

Opera has been working on this framework since its acquisition of Bemobi August of last year. The service started in Latin America and Brazil and Opera was able to partner with 34 wireless carriers and two phone makers for it to work. The project seems to be a success since Opera decided to launch it globally. Now known as Opera Apps Club, this subscription service aims to provide business growth and several benefits to users and app developers.

The operator will still set the requirements but you are free to customize the Opera Apps Club for each mobile operator’s audience. Making more money is possible if you are a developer. Opera Apps Club caters to more than six million active subscribers so imagine the potential growth in revenue. As for the mobile users, you can finally enjoy the apps you’ve been wanting to download ever since.