The OnePlus One smartphone might probably reach “urban legend” status because of the one issue that prospective buyers have against it – availability. Regardless of that, the outfit that put out the first retail CyanogenMod smartphone is still pushing with its “promised” textured back covers for the very “rare” smartphone, the company tweeting about “knocking on wood” and referencing to a July 22nd date.

Over on the OnePlus forum threads, the admins put out a poll regarding materials that users would like to see used in the design of a smartphone. The poll itself was a giveaway, but in March they officially announced (promised?) that they will be releasing at least five different back covers for the OnePlus One smartphone – they will be textured in Silk, Sandstone, Denim, Bamboo, and Kevlar. Pretty cool?


Not only will they be textured like these materials, they will also be made of these materials – except silk and sandstone for obvious practical reasons. OnePlus is going for a functional aesthetic, especially if you are the type who keeps dropping your phone. Why not go for a Kevlar back cover, for that rugged functional look that still oozes cool machismo.

There is little to dispel that OnePlus will finally be launching these textured back covers on July 22. Pricing has not been announced for the back covers, and OnePlus forum-dwellers have very early made known their hope that the back covers will be priced affordably, else they would just end up like the marketing pushes of the big smartphone manufacturers. Because, hey, OnePlus is different from all of the others, right?