Did you sign up to purchase a OnePlus One? If so, better check your email after you read this. The company has started sending out their first wave of invites to purchase, along with a special URL to prevent fraud.

If you’ve yet to receive an invitation, don’t worry. OnePlus is seeding invites periodically, and this is only the first wave. We’re not certain how many have been invited, either. The email we received also doesn’t seem to have an expiration on it, so the invite isn’t for a limited time.

The move is likely to allow them to sell devices during production, keeping no backstock yet. We don’t know when the second wave of invitees will go out, either, but OnePlus tells us that b the time it’s generally available sometime this quarter, their OnePlus One will be widely available to all.

The beauty of the OnePlus One is that it’s the first non-Google phone to adequately challenge the status quo of hardware and pricing. The One can stand up to the likes of HTC and Samsung proudly, beating their Cyanogen drum louder than any TouchWiz or Sense could. If you want a great phone for around $300, better head over to the One signup page and stand in line.