Switching to OnePlus is now made easier as the Chinese OEM has already posted detailed instructions on how to transfer data from an iPhone to a new OnePlus device. OnePlus has the Switch app as a reliable system to migrate one’s data. If you’re done with your iPhone and would like to switch to OnePlus, specifically the OnePlus 6T, feel free to follow the instructions provided by the company and as posted on the forum. The OnePlus team has presented a comprehensive set of step-by-step instructions and illustrations you need to be careful in following.

OnePlus Switch allows you to save all your messages, photos, videos, and contacts from your old phone to a new OnePlus phone sans Internet connection. There may be restrictions from Apple but major content can be transferred.

Both phones, the iPhone and the OnePlus must have the OnePlus Switch app. Download from HERE and HERE.

On the OnePlus phone, select “I’m a new phone” and select old device as iPhone, this should show the ‘CONTINUE’ option to connect to the Internet and the iPhone.

Next, launch the OnePlus Switch app in your iPhone to start the migration. Make sure OnePlus Switch is open on both devices.

Feel free to read full instructions on the OnePlus forum.



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