That “unspecified new product” that OnePlus has been teasing us these past few weeks may not be at all what we expected. While their ongoing hashtag #OneGameChanger has led us to believe that they might be coming out with a game console of some sort, recent comments made during an AMA Reddit session has people speculating that they might be developing, of all things, a drone.

Ever since co-founder Carl Pei said that they will be launching a new product aside from the OnePlus Two smartphone, people have been speculating about what this will be. Pei also said that it wouldn’t be a smartwatch, so we were guessing that it could be a tablet, a smart TV, and recently, because of their teasers, the strongest contender was a game console. But when asked during the session about it, they only said that their moniker for it is DR-1 and that they will start selling it by April.

So tech pundits started thinking that maybe they would be releasing a drone. And then people started remembering that 3 months ago, OnePlus posted on Instagram a picture of their office building taken by a drone with this caption “We’ve been playing with our new drone and shot this photo of our building at night. What do you want to see next?”. We’re curious to find out if our new guess is true and how the company will market it, given their genius (or not so genius, if you’re on the other side of the fence) marketing ideas when they launched OnePlus One.


They also mentioned some other things during the AMA session, like confirming that they are still pushing through with the plan to launch OnePlus Two in the 3rd quarter of this year. They also said that it will have a different price and even different specs from their current OnePlus One, which may indicate it will be a more expensive and higher-tier one.

VIA: Mobile Geeks, XDA Developers