OnePlus has promised to stand behind the OnePlus 3T – its current flagship – in terms of software development, and that is indeed what we’re seeing these days. OnePlus has just recently released OxygenOS Open Beta 3, which brings the flagship phone up to the latest and greatest Android 7.1.1, among other things.

OnePlus has separated their main software stream (official OxygenOS) from their Open Beta system, and users can choose to be on which stream. The official stable builds are already up to Android 7.0 for the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T, but it is only with the Open Beta that users get to the latest software much faster. Of course, there will be bugs here and there.

OxygenOS Open Beta 3 will bring the OnePlus 3T to Android 7.1.1 and all the perks that go with it. The OxygenOS team has also integrated some tweaks, mainly on the Gallery app where you now have new watermarking and image straightening options. There’s some new file organization in the Gallery app as well.

If you are already on the Open Beta software, this update should arrive to you as an OTA update. If you want to try this build coming from an official stable build, you will have to flash it to the phone via ADB. OnePlus warns that while your data may survive this, there is always a chance of this wiping your data clean, so it would be good to do a backup before you flash.