OnePlus has attracted quite a bit of attention with the One smartphone. This is the handset they have been teasing as the 2014 flagship killer. The rumors, leaks and teasing all came to an end with the recent announcement — and nicely, the handset arrived with what appears to be a solid set of specs and a Nexus-like price tag.

Plus, there is even a 64GB model for those needing extra internal storage. But hype, solid specs and an attractive price point can only go so far if the handset isn’t readily available for purchase. We also cannot help but think how important it would be for OnePlus to have the One readily available before the next Nexus device is released. Or as the rumors are suggesting, the Android Silver device.

Nexus and Silver rumors aside, the folks at OnePlus have recently touched on production and it looks like the One will not be available for most until May or June. For now OnePlus has the 100 phones ready for the smashers, as controversial as that turned out to be. The rest of the production status looks like it will pick up in “mid to late May.”

That timeframe will see a “larger” batch of 16GB Silk White models for the first batch of invites. From there things go to early June with a larger batch of 64GB Sandstone Black models and then “later in June” with “increased general availability.” OnePlus also said “people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June.”

Bottom line here, it looks like those waiting for a OnePlus One (and not willing to smash their current handset or beg for an invite) will be waiting until later in June. Again, it seems the real question here will be whether people are willing to wait, or if they will begin looking elsewhere for their next device.