For all the confusing terms and conditions people go through when purchasing a phone in the US, they still mostly stick to the mobile carrier model because it allows them to pay for their phones through installments. But there is all that gobbledygook about monthly bills, added charges, and data consumption that you need to subject yourself to, just to get a phone on installment. Well, OnePlus has something new for the US market – the ability to buy their phones on installment plans.

Say all the things you want to say about OnePlus, they certainly are not boring. The China-based company is constantly tweaking its sales and marketing strategies to be able to find one that works for consumers and their own profit margins as well. This time, they are introducing installment plans for buyers of their phones in the US – just like you would have it from a mobile carrier, but with the ability to change carriers when you want to.


So starting today, the US OnePlus webstore can charge you in installments for any order above USD$99.
Users need to select PayPal Credit when completing their orders, and see from the calculator function exactly how much they will be paying on a monthly basis. For example, a OnePlus 2 on an 18-month plan starts at USD$22.60 a month, and a OnePlus X at USD$16.12.

Pretty cool feature, this. If you were on the fence about getting a OnePlus device, maybe this will actually get you to the other side. Read up on our OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X descriptions if you need to remember what you’re getting.



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