OnePlus OS Software Updates

Over the weekend, we noted Windows 11 could run on OnePlus phones. Well, that is not an official solution but that only showed us older devices can still receive software updates. Any phone can be improved with a few tweaks here and there. As for the OnePlus phones in the current lineup, the Chinese OEM said software update and support system for the smartphones will be expanding. The OnePlus OxygenOS team has started working on “integrating the codebase of OxygenOS and ColorOS”. The good news is according to the team’s Product Lead Gary Chen.

The change will not offer major changes to the software UI, at least, for now. The update won’t be as noticeable as most of the stuff will happen behind the scenes. Chen said, “We now have a larger and even more capable team of developers, more advanced R&D resources, and a more streamlined development process all coming together to improve the OxygenOS experience.”

This is one benefit of OnePlus and OPPO’s deeper integration. We noted OnePlus will still use OxygenOS and OPPO will keep the ColorOS. With the merger of the two companies, they could share the resources and improve efficiency for both OS.

With the goal of standardizing the software experience across the portfolio, OnePlus and OPPO can each have a better platform. OnePlus will receive a “more stable and stronger platform”. The next major update will bring a single OTA plus the new Android 12 OS version.

OnePlus devices starting from the OnePlus 8 will get the update. Future phones will come with the new integrated platform. Like other major OEMs, OnePlus is also now promising to deliver three major Android OS update plus four years of regular security updates for all OnePlus phones. The three-year promise means you can get the Android OS released the same year and for the next three years after that.

Last year’s OnePlus Nord will get two major Android updates and three years security updates. The new OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Nord CE will also receive the same. The mid-range OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 will receive one major Android release and three years of security updates.

Those phones before OnePlus 8 will get two major Android upgrades and the same three years of security updates. Carrier versions are said to follow specific requirements of the carrier partners.


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