Most of you who are just about as informed as we are regarding Android devices are probably settled on expecting the OnePlus 2 – OnePlus’s sophomore flagship phone – in the latter part of 2015, pretty much what Carl Pei, OP co-founder, has confirmed multiples times. But we are tempted to squeeze a bit more information from what Pete Lau, OP’s CEO, has said over social networking just recently.

Lau, reacting and responding to some comments by OP fans who follow him over China’s biggest social network Sina Weibo, made a comment – which can actually just be that, a comment. But we’re starved for OnePlus 2 info, so we take it to the limit of what we can possibly take. Some of the initial comments asked if Lau had an opinion on what a good price would be if the OnePlus 2 had this certain chipset. Basically the question went like, “If the OnePlus 2 comes with Snapdragon 810, what do you think will be the price?”

Any person who knows his position might make him privy to information would not answer that question, by the way. But Pete Lau answered, saying “2,499 Yuan seems to be a reasonable price.” So we get two possible things here, at best. First, that the OnePlus 2 might be priced along those lines – around USD$400, which is still an exciting (read: reasonably cheap) price for a flagship phone.


Secondly, that the phone might actually come with a Snapdragon 810 SoC. But this is just us speculating, of course. Remember that OnePlus is also set to come out with another device, probably a cheaper mid-tier one to cater to the ones who still can’t afford the flagship pricing. Anyways, Q3 of the year is pretty much right around the corner, so we’re guessing we might not be waiting that long for official word on this.

SOURCE: MyDrivers