If you remember last year, China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus got itself into a sticky situation with primary software partner Cyanogen over business actions in the sub-continent of India. As you may know, India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world, and everybody wants a piece of the pie – even Cyanogen and OnePlus. The year of 2014 ended with OnePlus and Cyanogen, plus Cyanogen’s India-based partner Micromaxx, in a legal scuffle. OnePlus just released what seems like good news today that their legal troubles in India are over.

OnePlus has just officially confirmed through its blog that the legal battle between them, Cyanogen and Micromaxx have been resolved and that the legal cases brought to court have been withdrawn through mutual consent. The way things were going and with the words coming out from both camps, we thought there would be no end to that, so this is very good.

The bonus here is that those in India who have bought the OnePlus One smartphone will continue to receive updates from Cyanogen OS for their devices. It looks like the two camps have come to an agreement over update support for Cyanogen OS. This means that those who own the OnePlus One in India can expect to receive OTA updates still coming from Cyanogen for their proprietary Cyanogen OS, the Android version that launched with the smartphone.


What most likely can NOT be fixed is the close partnership between Cyanogen and OnePlus. We continue to ask what Cyanogen’s role will be moving forward, but it looks like OnePlus will be committed to bringing its own software – Oxygen OS – to the next devices it will launch this year.