OnePlus Buds Pro

This week, OnePlus will launch a new pair of earbuds. It will be wireless, definitely. It is expected to be introduced together with the OnePlus Nord 2. The new pair may be called the OnePlus Buds Pro. Last week, we said the earbuds would available free for testing before launch. The pair follows the OnePlus Buds Z from last year. For this year, the Chinese OEM plans to rival those premium earbuds from other brands. There is no price yet but we believe OnePlus can release it with a more affordable price.

The OnePlus Buds Pro will feature adaptive noise cancellation. The earbuds will use three microphones. As described, the earbuds have been designed to “monitor exterior noises” and “intelligently produce noise-canceling counter frequencies”.

The pair is a result of the recent OnePlus and Oppo integration. Its battery will be really long–up to 28 hours with adaptive noise cancellation. When anc is turned off, the earbuds can even last longer up to 38 hours. When you need to charge, OnePlus’ Warp Charge technology will work. A quick ten-minute charge will already deliver up to ten hours of battery with a USB-C cable.

The OnePlus charging case can be wirelessly charged with a Qi-wireless charger. It won’t be as fast though but it will work. When it comes to the earbuds’ design, the buds will feature both matte and glossy finishes on the buds and stems, respectively.

OnePlus’ R&D Head Kinder Liu shared the pair utilized a “non-conductive vacuum metallization technology”. It’s not just for aesthetics, the “matte texture on the rest of the surface” allows for “less slippery and more sweat- and dust-resistant than glossy metal.”  OnePlus will make the big announcement this July 22 so let’s wait and see.