The OnePlus 7 will be the next-gen flagship from the Chinese OEM. We’re always interested in the upcoming devices so as early as November last year, we noted how the OnePlus 7 wouldn’t implement 5G technology. Another 5G phone may be ready soon but for now, allows us to tell you the OnePlus 7 won’t future wireless charging. That isn’t really a shocker because an OEM can only implement so many features that are important. Wireless charging is new but it’s not exactly needed, at least, not yet.

To review, OnePlus’ next-gen flagship is set to run on Snapdragon 855 with 5G support. It will be faster alright but it could also be more expensive.

OnePlus is adding the newest processor and the latest in camera technology. Wireless charging isn’t available yet but it could be ready by next year on the OnePlus 8 or one the OnePlus 7T. But then again, OnePlus CEO himself already said “Wireless charging is far inferior” and it not worth adding to the company’s lineup.

OnePlus charging is already believed to be great so there is no need for wireless charging. In this case, OnePlus is behind Apple. The latter is also sharing wireless charging capabilities with the Samsung S10’s and the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.

The Chinese OEM has yet to introduce a 5G phone or a premium smartphone at the MWC. Expect OnePlus to make an important announcement before the weekend is over.