Ahoy there! Come on over and see all these OnePlus 5T leaked images and renders – although OnePlus 5 owners, you might want to avert your eyes. These images – coming from different sources, mind you – are all but confirming that the upcoming OnePlus flagship upgrade will come with a larger screen, and probably a larger battery.

First up, some renders come by way of China, and they show a lot of detail. We urge you to take this with as much salt as you can, but leaks are what they are. These renders show what is probably the same chassis as that OnePlus 5, with the big change of a large display up front – probably a 6-inch display with 18:9 resolution. You will also notice that the fingerprint sensor has made its way to the back of the phone.

The other leak comes by way of the guys at Android Authority, which they claim comes from a trusted source. This looks like an official teaser image that has leaked early, and the details are a bit more obscured. But if you take the renders and match it up with the teaser image, they line up well.

It will be a bummer for OnePlus 5 owners to see the larger screen – although we surmise that most other internal specs will remain the same. Will this be OnePlus’s strategy yearly? If so, people should learn that a “6T” will be coming next year and they might hold off on the One Plus 6.

SOURCE: SlashGear, Android Authority