OnePlus is trying to charm their way to their users’ hearts, showing a neat trick you can do on your device if you own a OnePlus 3 or a OnePlus 3T. It’s not anything that will boost the performance of your device, but a cool trick nonetheless. We wonder why thy only thought of this now.

The OnePlus Twitter account tweeted this today – “Running Android N on your OnePlus 3 or 3T? Try entering 1 + into your calculator and share what happened in the comments.” For this trick, you need either of the two devices mentioned above, updated to Android Nougat, and you need to do this on the stock calculator app on your device, otherwise, it won’t work. Check out the video below.

Typing “1+” into the calculator app brings out the “Never Settle” tagline on the calculator screen, giving you all the warm OnePlus owner feels, but forever making your calculator unusable for adding numbers to the number 1. It’s a neat trick, a cool easter egg, but it really doesn’t make the device any better than it already is.

OnePlus has recently been caught of gaming benchmark results, and they have owned up to that bit of cheating. Hopefully they can fix that issue fast with a patch or update soon.

SOURCE: @OnePlus
VIDEO: TheReviewGuyHere