As Amazon continues to establish its prowess in the Android gadget market, Microsoft is making sure that their productivity services will also be available in those devices. They announced today that their cloud storage app OneDrive is also now available for both the Kindle Fire and the Fire phone, following the earlier rollout of the OneNote app for the Amazon devices.

The availability of OneDrive on the Kindle Android gadgets means users can now store and access their documents, pictures and files that are located in Microsoft’s cloud service. Just last month, they upped their free storage to 15GB and 1TB for Office 365 subscribers, with the option of increasing it to 100GB or 200GB but for a monthly fee of course. Having all of these files available on your Kindle devices means you can work wherever you are, without needing to open a desktop or laptop, as long as you have connectivity.

Just a few weeks ago as well, Microsoft also announced that OneNote, their official note-taking app is also now available for Kindle Fire and Fire phone. With the integration of these two app services, the Kindle devices can also now add productivity to its primary purposes. Although there are other note-taking and cloud service apps available at the Amazon App Store, they of course lack the seamless integration of OneDrive and OneNote and probably more Microsoft products in the future.

OneDrive can now be found in most of the major platforms – desktops, Macs and PCs, iOS, Windows devices, Android and of course now, Kindle Android products. You can download the app from the Amazon app store and just log in using your Microsoft credentials.

SOURCE: Microsoft