OneNote may not be as popular anymore as other note-taking apps like Evernote and SimpleNote, but no one can say it’s giving up the fight. True to its promise of trying to bring its functionality across all platforms and devices, Microsoft announced that the app will now be available at the Amazon Appstore for Android. Meaning OneNote is now coming for your Kindle Fire and the new Fire phone.

It used to be that OneNote was one of the favorite productivity apps, well at least for loyal Microsoft users. The problem is that newer apps came into the market, with the aforementioned and ubiquitous Evernote taking the lion’s share of users and the now gone Springpad also being a popular choice back when it was still alive. And the advantage that these apps had is that they are cross-platform and available for almost any kind of device. Plus, it had all kinds of different functionalities aside from just being there for writing and storing notes.

So Microsoft sat up and took notice and eventually changed the way they do things over at OneNote. Earlier this year, they added features that made it easier for Android users to share and save stuff they found on their web browsers, pictures and even screenshots on to the app. It became sort of a digital dumping ground for mobile users (yes we know, Evernote users are saying they’ve had it all along) and so they were able to get new fans along the way. Earlier this month, they also opened up the app for developers in a beta program for Android, again, just like what Evernote did to much success. Now users can suggest and developers can develop new functionalities and features for OneNote which will definitely improve the app in the long run.

OneNote for Amazon devices is free to download on their Appstore for Android. It is also of course available at the Google Play Store for all other Android devices that are running on Android OS 4.0 and above.

SOURCE: Microsoft