When I first get up I go right for the coffee machine, start my blend of bold Allegro Coffee Co. beans in the grinder and get my morning started off right. If I back up a little and think about it, I’m right along with the rest of the people in the world and I’m using smartphone applications before even getting out of bed. I check my twitter and emails, maybe launch my recently updated Music beta by Google for some tunes, and soon hopefully there will be an app that will start my coffee grinding and brew for me. According to a Ericsson survey this is what over one-third of all users do.

For a more in depth look at this survey from the telecom equipment maker Ericsson you can see the full PDF here. The chart above is just one of many they go in depth about. They get pretty deep and are finding out just how addicted we all really are to our smartphones. Android and iOS user reports suggest that over 35% of users are launching and using non-voice applications before even getting out of bed in the morning, a large portion of that is something I’m not really into, and that is Facebook.

They go into all sorts of usage statistics, and when you are most likely to use social networking services or apps, and it just goes to show how tied into our phones and apps for daily life we really are. I’ve read people are addicted to the internet, are we all addicted to our android applications? I think I might be. If this story from Google about application installs being over 8x that of last year is any indication of how things are going. It looks like Ericsson’s studies are pretty accurate and we all love our apps. For a more in depth look at all of this feel free to check out the PDF posted above, or hit the source for more.

[via DigitalTrends]