One by Wacom pen tablet

Wacom has long been a name known for its digital surfaces and pens. Digital artists and other professionals prefer the brand for word. It offers tablets and digital signature solution. The latest in the mobile market is Wacom and the Chrome OS teaming up to bring Wacom goodness to a Chromebook. A new product has just been introduced in the form of The One by Wacom. With its years of experience in pen tablets and displays, Wacom is adding the experience to Chrome OS via the Chromebook.

The One by Wacom is a pen tablet that comes with Works With Chromebook certification. This means, the tablet can work with a Chromebook, offering better touch and digital pen goodness. The functionality makes it easier from almost everyone who may need to use a digital pen whether for school, work, business, or just entertainment.

Wacom is a pioneer of digital pen technology. It has always been committed to the education sector and with the digitalization being high in demand these day, Wacom is providing “teachers, students and administrators with reliable, sustainable and easy to use solutions” as per Wacom’s Branded Business Executive Vice President Faik Karaoglu.

He also said: “The new compatibility with Wacom pen tablets and displays will make creating, working and teaching digitally as natural and intuitive as possible and offer users more possibilities to work with their Chromebook.”

One by Wacom with Chromebook

Wacom and Chromebook are definitely taking digital learning to the next level. Teachers and students alike can always take advantage of the pen for note-taking, solving math problems, drawing diagrams, and more. In almost all subjects, you can use the digital pen.

A Wacom pen is a powerful tool in education. Combine it with Chromebook features and teachers and students are provided reliable solutions so they can finish tasks especially for online teaching and learning. It’s also available for Windows and Mac OS devices.

One by Wacom is available for $59.95. You can purchase one from the Wacom eStore or select resellers.