At the height of the Android 4.4.3 release frenzy, OmniROM made an important announcement. It has kicked off nightly builds of supported devices that includes the latest Android version, thereby showing that the project is still pretty much alive and kicking.

By itself, Android 4.4.3 isn’t exactly an earth-shattering update. Sure, it does bring a couple of new features, like a redesigned dialer app, but most of its contents are bug fixes and performance tweaks. Naturally, the moment images and source code hit public sources, custom ROMs started taking the road towards rebasing their code and builds on this version. Fortunately, OmniROM is one of those and, even better, they are telling the world about it.

Aside from the brief preview of a new feature last week, OmniROM has been rather silent on the public front, especially on its website and blog. Make no mistake, code has been moving behind the scenes, but unless you’re privy to that part of development, you’d think that the project was stagnating, which is definitely not the case. This public announcement, not to mention the new nightly builds, could very well serve to reignite some interest in the fledgling Android ROM as it treks the road towards its first stable release.

And OmniROM might be one ROM worth waiting for or looking into. Aside from their commitment to the spirit and letter of open source software, they also have pretty ambitious and interesting features planned, which will hopefully all see the light of day, in one form or another. This list includes the recent hot phrases preview, a different kind of multi window implementation, and a new app switching feature. Hit the links below to read more about these features and make sure to keep tabs on our OmniROM tag portal if this project has piqued your interest.