Omate is here at Mobile World Congress showing a new model, as well as some new colors. This latest is the TrueSmart Elegance edition and it was introduced to address on issue in particular — the weight of the watch. We mentioned in our initial hands-on how the TrueSmart initially felt heavy, and while we were able to get used to it, those going with the Elegance model shouldn’t have that to worry about at all.

We were told the TrueSmart Elegance edition watch is 30 percent lighter (as compared to the existing model). We wouldn’t necessarily think of this as the second-generation model, however the difference in weight comes due to the difference in material. The Elegance edition is made of aluminum, versus the stainless steel in the original model. And as you’ll see in the image gallery — there is a new color, pink.

Aside from the differences in color and weight, this aluminum TrueSmart looks and functions the same as the original. There was a bit more though, Omate was also showing a TrueSmart Sparkle. This one features a band of White Zirconia Swarovski Gems. This one also happens to be a limited edition model.


That all being said, the Elegance, and naturally, the Sparkle edition models are a bit higher priced. The Elegance is $299, and the Sparkle is $499. For reference, the original models are selling for $249 (512MB/4GB) and $299 (1GB/8GB). Make sure to also check out our Omate TrueSmart hands-on and first impressions post from earlier in the day, and keep an eye out for more of a full featured review in the future.