Did you ever dream of having a jewel-encrusted, shiiny smartwatch that will make you feel like a million bucks? No? Well, someone probably did think of having something like that since we are getting something like it after all. Omate is introducing to the wearable market the Lutetia, the first smartwatch that is exclusively for women. This comes on the heel of the Omate X, which was being marketed to men who want their smartwatch with them all the time.

But Lutetia actually doesn’t look like a smartwatch but instead a beautifully-crafted timepiece. Well, it is that, but of course functions also as a smartwatch so you can see your notifications from your paired Android smartphone. Just like other wearables, you’ll be able to see if you have text messages, incoming calls, emails, social networks, etc, all without “sacrificing your style,” as Omate says. The stylish smartwatch comes in silver, gold and rose gold color finishing and matching “premium” wristband.


The Lutetia pairs with your smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and also has the same specs as the Omate X, which includes the smallest wearable system chip, the MediaTek Aster MT2502. It runs on LinkIt, which is MediaTek’s wearable platform. It can last up to 5 days when in standby mode and uses OTA updates for its apps, algorithms and drivers. The watch’s transflective LCD is in “always on” mode and the touch panel has a sapphire coating layer for protection.

You can pre-order the Omate Lutetia until November 30 at the Omate website. It will cost you $169 to have a device that can be both a gadget and an accessory. They will also be releasing the first batch of a limited edition which will beengraved from N° 0001 to 1000 for each of the three colors available.



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