Welcome to your daily dose of Galaxy S III news! We still haven’t seen a convincing render or press shot of Samsung’s upcoming flagship, but according to and off-hand sentence from the OLED Association,  we may finally know exactly what screen it’s going to use. In among a gigantic report, the Association let slip that the Galaxy S III will have a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD+ screen – a 720p panel similar to, but distinct from, the screen that’s on the Galaxy Nexus. What’s different about it? That little plus sign makes all the difference: it means that the screen in question won’t be using a Pentile pixel matrix. The report pegs the phone’s release for May.

Pentile OLED screens use a layout that shares red and blue pixels on each green cell, unlike normal screens which use all three for each pixel. That makes Pentile screens technically less sharp by a factor of about 30%. Most users never notice it, but a vocal minority of screen enthusiasts do, and they’ve made it clear that Pentile screens like the ones found on most of the Galaxy series of smartphones just won’t cut the mustard. We had previously heard that Samsung was taking out all the stops and going with a full dot matrix display, so this adds up.

This isn’t a confirmation by any means, but it’s definitely worth considering. The OLED Association includes one H. K. Chung, Executive Vice President of Samsung SDI. While we don’t think Mr. Chung is all that eager to spill the beans, especially considering the incredible secrecy that’s surrounding the project, it’s entirely possible that the Association has access to the information in question. That May date seems possible as well, though there’s been nothing solid to confirm it just yet. We’re still waiting on Samsung to issue some concrete information on the much-rumored device, and of course we’ll let you know if anything good crops up.

[via MobileSyrup]