We really like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet a lot around here and we have reviewed that limited edition version already and are looking forward to the retail version landing. Monday the official accessories turned up on a European website with prices and availability on some of them listed. There was a number of accessories including cases and lots more there for fans of the tablet to check out.

If the photos that accompanied the accessories on that European website weren’t enough to allow you to decide which to buy, they have turned up on a video over on Andoridmixer. I don’t understand the language the guy on the video is speaking, but you can see the accessories in action. The normal hard case looks nice. The leather case is nothing but a pouch; I would go with the hard case.

The video goes over the dock and just about everything else as well. The keyboard dock is the one that didn’t have a pic on the post earlier this week. It looks really nice. The right shift key is small, which is a pet peeve of mine. Anyway, check out the video to see the stuff in action.

[via AndroidMixer]