You wanted the best, you got the best – the hottest logo in the world, ANDROID COMMUNITY. With it’s evil eyes, perfectly matched Android green bulk, and perfectly set letters – you know you’ve got to have it every which way you can get it! There’ve been some requests on reviews of late for the wallpapers we’ve been using to show off the goods, so here they are. Originally we’d planned on making them all different sizes, but it turned out that a couple standard sizes fit nice enough for us to approve.

Have a look here and see what strikes your fancy. The two sizes are, of course, tablet and handset. The source for perfection is the Motorola XOOM and the HTC Thunderbolt (or any other HTC device with that same display, of course.) The wallpapers were made to fit those two devices perfectly, but with Android’s excellent ability to crop wallpapers to fit whichever sort of pic you want to use, you’ll bet set no matter which one you pick up, no matter which device you’ve got!

HTC ThunderBolt [Handset Wallpapers]

These are only the first of many – but the future depends on you! If you see anything you like in any review past or future, speak up! There’s no reason why we can’t share!

Motorola XOOM [Tablet Wallpapers]

Also remember that we’ve got the “Glass” boot screen for your full and totally free use – go wild with it!