Every once in a while there’s a game that gets released to the market that’s so simple that you’ve just got to try it, so free that there’s no reason not to download it, and entertaining enough to keep around for second or even third plays. This is one of those times, this is one of those games. This is Office Jerk and there’s not just a whole lot to say about it beyond explaining which tools you get to use to cause chaos and destruction for yes, you guessed it, that jerk in the office.

This is the Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day meaning that if you’ve got the Amazon Appstore downloaded, you can, indeed, download this brand new application for a total cost of zero. Once you’ve got the app downloaded, you’ll notice the distinct lack of options, a menu, or anything at all really other than the actual play screen. In fact there’s also no ads, as the game reminds you with a coffee cup with ADS crossed out. Well played!

NOTE: We’re reviewing this app on the HTC Sensation 4G which you can see a full review of back here – check it out!

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What you do in this game is use any number of various weapons at your disposal to hit your coworker in the head. When you hit your coworker in the head, you get a point. The point of the game is to get as many hits on your coworkers head in a row as possible without missing a single hit. Your highest score is always marked in the second or two rows in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Simple!

I recommend the stapler, as when you toss it at and hit the computer screen you get quite the surprise. On the other hand, the TNT is quite explosive as well. To access this game, get yourself some education with our article by the name of Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore. Once you’ve got that info, use it to get the store and the app, and continue to check Android Community every day to see if the newest free app is worth the tap!