The NVIDIA SHIELD is just about ready to begin shipping and while there are some official accessories available, another company has since stepped forward with a few options. That company is Nyko and they have announced a dock and power kit as well as two case options for the NVIDIA SHIELD. The announcement is coming out of E3 and sadly, does not include a specific release date or any details on the pricing.

With that in mind, how about we first cover the travel case and the shell case. These will both fully cover and protect the SHIELD. Each will have a rubberized interior along with a detachable accessory bag for the power adapter or other smaller items. The travel case will be an EVA soft case and the shell case will be a high-impart hard case. Otherwise, while a specific release date has yet to be revealed, Nyko has said these will both be available “this summer.”

Next up is the dock. This one is said to be coming “later this year” and will bring features to include Nyko’s dongle charging system as well as a full-sized HDMI port. Basically, this dock will allow you to easily connect your SHIELD to a television and also charge your system. The dock will also allow the user to use a Nyko PlayPad, which should have the SHIELD feeling just like a regular desktop gaming system.


The power kit is just what the name would imply — a way to keep your SHIELD powered up regardless of where you are playing. The power kit will include cables to keep your system charged at home and in the car. Those making the purchase can expect to find one AC adapter, one car adapter and one extra-long microUSB cable with a velcro strap. Similar to the cases, the power kit will be available sometime “this summer.”

Looking towards NVIDIA, they are offering a SHIELD carry case that is priced at $39.99. The NVIDIA case is currently available for pre-order, just like the actual SHIELD system. For those who have yet to place a pre-order, the SHIELD is priced at $349.99 and still expected to begin shipping before the end of June.

VIA: Gamasutra