You’ll be freaking out with the power you’ve got in your hands once you set your eyeballs on the games you’ll be able to run with your new Motorola XOOM tablet. The same can be said about what magic will unfold before you once you’re rolling with the ATRIX 4G. What’s inside these bad mothers, these next-age monsters of energy that’s obviously best applied to games? NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile super chips. And what do they power? Completely fabulous in-depth games we never expected to be on telephones. Have a look at our NVIDIA Tegra Optimized Mini Game Guide, then head below to see the app you’ll love to peek at in order to access the greatness in your very own little hut of NVIDIA sunshine.

What you’re going to find in this app, (this app being NVIDIA Tegra Zone, this app being available right this moment in the Android Marketplace,) is a repository for games by developers whom NVIDIA has worked very closely with. What have they been concocting? Fantastically detailed, amazing looking and working games which work as kindly as possible with NVIDIA Tegra-based mobile devices.

You can use this app on more than just the device we’re demoing it on (the Motorola XOOM,) but it’s optimized for big-screened tablets. That means it’s got a lot of real estate and it needs a place to jam it all. Once you’ve decided to toss a paycheck into a XOOM tablet, you’ll want this app basically instantly to keep you up to date with the games you’ll basically NEED to try out in order to get the most from your device.

The games featured in this initial release are, for the most part, not a surprising lineup. Games like Dungeon Defenders: FW Deluxe, Samurai II: Vengeance THD, Backbreaker THD, Fruit Ninja THD, and Hardwood Solitaire IV are already on the market, and if you’ve not downloaded every single one of them before, this is the app that’ll convince you. There are a couple that are basically announced here in this app that should wet your appetite for the oncoming spring months of 2011. Galaxy on Fire and Hardwood Spades will both be released sometime inside March, while the barnbuster Vendetta Online will be out by April [update: out now.]

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So you’ll get basically the best look at apps that you can get outside of having a demo right there in your hands, plus you’ve got this curated look at the games that’ll work best on your super device, plus you get a selection of news bits written on and around the NVIDIA Tegra chip world. This ain’t no 10 minute app.

Have a look at the screenshots below, the video showing you what’s going on as far as intuitive controls go above, then head into the Android Marketplace and pick NVIDIA Tegra Zone up asap!


      • Eventually- but no release date set, and even in the UK it’s still only “it might be March”.

        I had heard back in about September that in November ‘Project Emerald’ / a dual core 4.3″ Android was coming to android. So been waiting a long time – and now they still say it might be end of March, April, up to June 😮

  1. I think this is a smart way for NVIDIA to differentiate itself in the mobile space. Similar to the “Intel Inside” sticker on every PC–there was a time when people only wanted Intel in their computers, and if NVIDIA keeps on with the Tegra line they way they are they may be the same for mobile devices.


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