NVIDIA was showing a bit of HAWKEN during the Project SHIELD demos at CES and as of today, it looks like they have extended that teasing a bit. This time they are doing so in the form of a live wallpaper. Simply put, NVIDIA has teamed up with Adhesive and are offering a HAWKEN themed live wallpaper app.

The app is available in the expected location — in Google Play, where it is available for free and currently sitting at version 1.0. If you happen to be waiting for the release of HAWKEN, and don’t mind running a live wallpaper on your display, this one seems like a fairly nice option. And in our limited time checking it out, we have to say that it looks rather nice.

Otherwise, given HAWKEN was shown off and then announced as a Project SHIELD game, it would seem as if we still have some time before we can expect the game to come available in the Play Store. For those wondering, Project SHIELD is not expected to arrive until sometime in Q2 2013.

That being said, for those who are wondering about HAWKEN. This is an online, multiplayer game that is free-to-play and described as being a “mech-based first-person shooter that puts you in the pilot seat of a giant robotic war machine.” The game play will allow the user to customize and upgrade their mechs, join up with friends and “play on a battlefield to rain destruction across HAWKEN’s beautiful and immersive alien landscapes.” Sounds exciting, now if only we were getting the actual game as opposed to this live wallpaper teaser.

[via TegraZone]