It looks like the latest software update has begun rolling out to NVIDIA SHIELD users. This particular update may not be quite as exciting as the previous update, however it does appear to be fixing a few key issues. That said, the update is Software Update 77 and it measures in at a hefty 460.4MB in size.

Users can expect to see fixes for an issue with the SD card, volume controls and the GeForce Experience. Beginning first with details on the SD card fix; this update takes care of the bug that prevented moving files to an SD card. Simply put, this should take care of any error messages that you may have seen when going through Settings -> Apps -> Move to SD card.

Next up is the volume control, which also happens to be a fix we are rather happy to see coming. Once this update has been downloaded and installed you will have the ability to use the bumpers to adjust the volume. You can enable this by navigating to Settings -> Controller -> Volume Control. Current SHIELD users will likely realize this setup is much more convenient as opposed to using the on-screen setup.

Last up is the bit dealing with the GeForce Experience. This piece is the v2.0.1 update (for the GeForce Experience) and it improves security and audio latency dealing with GameStream. Bottom line here, SHIELD users are currently seeing an update that seems to bring three key fixes. You can keep an eye out for an update notification to arrive, or head into the settings and check manually.