NVIDIA has released a new update for the SHIELD tablet that brings the device to version 1.1. Contained in the update are enhancements and bug fixes for the operating system that makes the tablet perform better and be more stable. WiFi stability is improved in the update in certain use scenarios.

A PRISM feature toggle has been added and stability improvements for SHIELD Hub and Gamestream have been added. Performance optimizations for ShadowPlay have been added along with improvements in localization.

New audio options are available with the update along with several miscellaneous stability improvements. Users can download the latest update of the tablet by going into the Settings > About SHIELD> System updates section.

If you are unfamiliar with the SHIELD tablet, check out the article we have on the five highlights of the slick gaming device. It packs in an NVIDIA Tegra K1 Chipset with 192 CUDA cores and Kepler graphics. One of the best aspects of the tablet for gamers is the wireless controller that makes gaming more like console gaming than mobile gaming.