The NVIDIA SHIELD just got released to the public and it’s already a huge success, at least according to NVIDIA, who is describing that sales of the SHIELD have been great. The company is planning to ramp production of the gaming handheld soon in an attempt to offset a slightly negative financial quarter.

We tested the NVIDIA SHIELD for a month and we liked what we experienced, which you can read about here. The unique hybrid of a gaming device and Android tablet is almost perfect not just for gaming but also for an all around multimedia experience and a bit of regular tablet usage as well. It seems that other users agree, as NVIDIA Senior Director of Investor Relations Chris Evenden reports that all units that it has shipped have been sold out.

Things aren’t so peachy for NVIDIA though. The company’s second quarter report showed a 6.4 percent decline in revenue with $977.2 million. Net income year-on-year also went down, this time by 19 percent with $96.4 million. But the company is quite optimistic things will improve really soon and is starting to take production of the SHIELD up a notch.

NVIDIA is forecasting a strong second half of the year, probably hoping SHIELD sales outside the US will help boost the figures. The company is also banking on Tegra 4 devices that are still to be released this year. Maybe there’s even a Tegra Tab somewhere in the company’s plans for financial recovery this year.

SOURCE: GamesIndustry
VIA: Joystiq