Apple and Google seem to be patching things up at one front by adding support for the Apple TV app on Android TV devices. After support for Apple TV and Apple TV+ was added to Chromecast with Google TV, now the Apple service is being added to the Nvidia Shield. Starting June 1, Nvidia informs, the Shield owners can access the Apple TV app and the Apple TV+ and the amazing lineup of its content that caters to all age groups and genres.

By way of the Apple TV app and its video subscription service, the Shield users will now have access to a plethora of exclusive content. This includes comedy series Ted Lasso, drama series The Morning Show and a host of movies such as Palmer, Greyhound and more.

Not just this, Nvidia informs that Shield TV users can enjoy a full cinematic experience by streaming content in Dolby Vision offering 4K HDR picture quality. The streaming service also supports Dolby Atmos for richer and more impressive sound quality.

Other than the gripping series and entertaining movies, the Apple TV app will open option to indulge in TV channels. Interestingly, Apple TV works with built-in Google Assistant on the shield, so users can control the Apple TV app with simple voice commands to launch the app, pause, forward etc.

Shield owners can also search content on the Apple TV app using Google Assistant. This update of getting Apple TV on Shield is a welcome option for most users, who can now access new releases on the apps that are lined up for this Summer and beyond.


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