The days when Apple apps strictly stuck to Apple products have long been over as we’ve seen Apple Music welcomed into Android devices and Google smart speakers and displays. One hold out was the Apple TV app but even that will be accessed soon by those in the Google/Android ecosystem. Google has announced that the Apple TV streaming service app will soon be available on the all-new Chromecast with Google TV and eventually other devices on the Android TV OS eventually.

They might be fierce rivals but both Apple and Google understand that they will have customers that will use products from both of them. We’re seeing subscribers to the Apple TV service that may also be using Android TV. So having the Apple TV app on the new Chromecast with Google TV is a bonus for that particular segment of the market. This is also a power move by Google as their newly-launched product one of the only few streaming devices that has all the video subscriptions that matter.

When it eventually rolls out, users will be able to watch all the Apple TV content that they want, as long as they have a subscription of course. The streaming service has several buzzed about shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Defending Jacob, etc. Users will also be able to access all the movie and TV shows that they purchases from Apple. It will also work with Family Sharing and all six users that share the account.

Apple TV users had a work-around previously on how to stream the content onto their Android TV. They would access it from their Chrome browser and then cast it to the Android TV. It’s not the best or the easiest thing to do but it was better than nothing. But when the integration finally happens, you’ll be able to make it easier and more seamless, all by just going to the app on your screen. Of course you would need to have an Apple TV subscription for that matter.

You will also be able to see Apple TV originals in your personalized recommendations and search results. Apple TV on Chromecast with Google TV will arrive early next year although they didn’t give a specific date. It will also eventually arrive on more devices that are powered by Android TV OS but again, no estimated time for this just yet.