Nvidia’s doubling down on its already successful mobile push with a full press event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The gaming giant and lately up-and-coming system on a chip provider has been making waves with its Tegra platform, most recently the quad-core Tegra 3. Nvidia promises a sneak preview of new devices, presumable ones that will be unveiled at the conference itself. The event will be held during MWC in late February and early March, and Android Community will be on hand to cover it live.

Take a good gander at the invitation above: the roller-coasting model is using a smartphone while pulling a couple of Gs. (Note: do not ever do this, unless you’s like to test your phone’s ability to survive a drop of several stories at 70 miles an hour.) Aside from the inadvisable use case scenario, the smarphone itself is relevant, as currently the only Tegra 3 device on the market is Asus’s Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet. We’ve heard rumblings of quad-core phones from both HTC and LG, and since HTC has its own event scheduled just before the show begins, it’s them that we expect to see partnering with Nvidia at the later press conference.

That implies that none other than the HTC Edge, rumored quad-core smartphone and  HTC’s flagship for early 2012, will be showing up at the conference. The smartphone will be a host of firsts if it’s announced: the first quad-core smartphone, HTC’s first Ice Cream Sandwich device (possibly shared with the HTC Ville) and HTC’s first device to use Nvidia’s system on a chip instead of Qualcomm’s. We can’t wait to see what Nvidia has in store.


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